Client Testimonials

This Yoga was all business! The instructor started on time and walked the team through a number of poses and breathing exercises with an energy and enthusiasm that left me wanting more. A great break in a hectic work day.

A Yoga skeptic I was the one rolling my eyes at the start of the class. When Lori and her team took us through the exercises and provided the added benefit of massage I was thoroughly impressed but more importantly relaxed. There was a definite calmness throughout the rest of the team session.

In today’s blended work life we all strive for balance.
Why not get that balance in the middle of the work day. Providing Yoga at work allows employees to tap into themselves so they are reenergized when they return to work.

Every leader who cares about the wellness of their team
should invest the time to make room for Yoga at Work
– Thank you to the Harmony Wellness team.

Everyone who was there was deeply affected; there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll be participating in the next meet. I think there was definitely some surprise at how profound deep breathing, embodiment and mindfulness – even for 30 minutes! – could be. Even though I am aware of the power of being embodied every time I actually experience it I am blown away… and grateful 🙂

There is no doubt for me that these sessions will have a very positive affect on the practice as a whole and for each individual that participates. In short: LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT ONE!” Office Manager, Dental Practice

Harmony offers an incredible session for any team looking to explore restorative techniques aimed at promoting overall wellness. The dynamic team at Harmony works to individualize their approach to meet the needs of all participants so they get the most out of the session.
Communications Leader