All levels of yoga available from beginner to advanced.
We can discuss what is best suited for your workplace or personal needs.

All Levels Harmony Flow

An accessible full body and mindfulness class suitable for all levels. Classic yoga postures (asanas) are explored with a focus on the fundamentals, including breathwork and attention to alignment. Beginner to advanced variations will be demonstrated.

Beginner Harmony Flow

Working with those new to yoga the instructor will focus on the key concepts of yoga which include: breath awareness, body alignment and moving through yoga postures with awareness of the connection between movement and breath. Students will learn how to safely practice yoga with a path of moving into an all levels class or to the intermediate/advanced classes.

Intermediate/Advanced Harmony Flow

This class is designed for students who are already very comfortable with their yoga practice and who want to explore moving at a faster pace. Intermediate and Advanced students may also be interested in moving towards preparation for more advanced postures such as wheel, headstand and handstand.

Harmony Chair Flow

Yoga postures are modified and practiced while seated in a chair, as well as standing and using the chair as a prop. This is a wonderful way to adopt a yoga practice that can be performed while travelling, while at home, or simply working at your desk. Harmony Chair Flow is a great way to bring yoga into a conference setting where floor/mat space is not available. A full class with all the benefits can be practiced while sitting in a chair and/or standing beside it.

Harmony Restorative Yoga

A deeply nourishing and restorative practice suitable for all levels.  Gentle movements and props are used to support the body in long-held reclining positions to stretch and heal the entire body.  A powerful practice that activates the relaxation response without creating tension.