We offer flexible program options to meet your needs and space requirements. Contact us to help determine what is best for your needs. Options include:

1. ONE HOUR SESSIONS – Harmony offers one hour sessions over lunch, pre work or post work.

2. WELLNESS DAYS – We offer customized wellness days that combine any of our programs including: yoga and/or meditation classes. These sessions can run for full or half day.

3. EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION PROGRAMS – Harmony can help create, design and deliver reoccurring services on a week long, weekly or monthly basis. These sessions include a variety of wellness offerings geared to support employees overall health, productivity and engagement.

4. HARMONY WELLNESS WORKSHOPS – Harmony Wellness Workshops are designed to inspire and educate employees on cultivating a more balanced and healthy lifestyle that can be sustained. These sessions help to improve employees and their families’ quality of life, and enhance the organizations bottom-line. Learn More about Harmony Wellness Workshops

5. EXECUTIVE WELLNESS PROGRAMS — The Harmony Yoga Wellness team is available to provide on-site services to your Corporate Executive Group. Adding yoga and meditation to your Executive Health Care Plan is a cost effective way for an organization to help Executives manage and reduce stress.