Wellness Workshops

Harmony Yoga Workshop

Invite Harmony Yoga Wellness to deliver vitality to your conference room or next work event with a dynamic Harmony Yoga workshop. No mat or change of clothing required. During this workshop we will explore dynamic seated and standing postures in order to address many of the challenges inherent to a corporate environment including: chronic muscle tension and pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and emotional stress.  It will be an opportunity to sit back, release tension, and breath fully and deeply. We will give each participant a copy of the practice so they can take away a yoga practice that can be done anywhere, anytime.

Harmony Nutrition Workshop

We are bombarded with so many messages about nutrition and diets, wouldn’t it be nice to know what to eat for better health? To be able to feel and look our best without wondering if we’re on the right track? To think about food as nourishment and fuel instead of a ‘good or bad’ thing that occupies way too much of our thinking? In this workshop, our holistic nutritionist Alicia Mathlin, teaches the fundamentals of eating to cultivate our natural ability to manage stress, fight disease and have a better day, every day.

Harmony Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to experience, first hand, both the basics and the benefits of mindfulness mediation. Through guided meditations and instruction, techniques are taught to create more balance, calm and ease in one’s daily life and activities. A regular meditation practice can help to: lower cholesterol levels, decrease anxiety, increase serotonin production (improve moods), increase production of the anti-aging hormone DHEA, as well as many other fantastic benefits.

Mindfulness + Movement